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VARTA - LCD Plug Charger

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LCD Plug Charger

The VARTA premium LCD Chargers offer high quality products suitable to charge up to 4 batteries at once. Compatible with all common battery sizes AAA, AA, 9V and USB devices. The charger range combines ease of use as the VARTA LCD Chargers are equipped with an user-optimized LCD Display and highly sophisticated performance features including single-slot charging, quick charge and refresh mode for best charging results. Modern and innovative VARTA design combined with a wide range of safety features makes the VARTA premium range the perfect choice for frequent and advanced users.  


  • Charges up to 4 AA, AAA or 1x 9V and a USB device at the same time – charging time: 4 h
  • Single slot charging for highest flexibility and best charging results
  • Intelligent charging termination
  • Big and intuitive LCD screen for more convenience
  • Improved sensitivity of bad cell detection
  • Comprehensive safety features: Minus delta V cut-off, safety timer, short circuit protection, alkaline and bad cell detection
  • Individual design for an exceptional product look
  • Global voltage - worldwide use (100-240 V)
  • Additional USB output for charging external devices
  • Includes Rechargeable x 4 AA  2100 mAh Ready to Use